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Privacy Policy

We at respect your privacy and will always ensure to complaint with the set laws and regulations in respect to its data collection and use. enabill acknowledges that we are responsible for security of Card Holder Data for our customers. By signing up with our service, you agree to the terms and conditions, which will be displayed fully the completion of the registration process. We are fully committed to the safeguard of our users privacy as per its privacy policy, which details the collected information. 

What we collect

  1. Your account registration information including your username, email, and other contact information.
  2. Your transaction information including the amount, type of goods, and the used method of payment.
  3. Log in information, which are used for account verification.
  4. Location information such as your address which is needed for all delivery orders.

How is the information used?

  1. Money transfer: While we do not offer transfer from user accounts, your information will used in verifying purchases from vendors before transfer.
  2. Settlement of disputes: In the case of a dispute your information will be required for the settlement procedure.
  3. Trouble shooting and IT support.
  4. Inform you of our service and policy updates amongst other changes to our service use.
  5. Other information is collected that is related to website traffic and data analysis that is not directly personal to the users.

Disclosure of Your information

  1. We will only share your private information in relation to the processing and completion of the enabill service. This will include sharing your personal information with a vendor, a delivery company, and the enabill personnel.
  2. Other third-party organizations that offer specialized services or operate as a part of the services provided by enabill.

The use of cookies

enabill will always aim provide a better service experience to its users. As such, we will always be looking for new technologies and methods to improve our service. At we may use these technologies including cookies for various purposes such as buyer behavior analysis. By accepting the terms of use of and our privacy policy, you give your consent to us to use any new technology and including the use of cookies.

Review Requests

Upon the completion of a payment for a product or a service, we may contact you through your email requesting a review of your overall experience using

If you had kindly decided to inform us of your experience, we may use and display your review in

You should note that once completed, you will not be able to remove or edit your review. If needed, you can contact our customer service department for such requests.

Contact Us

If you have any queries in regard to the user terms and conditions or your privacy policy, contact through email at

Our Address:  Jibla, Block 1 , Ali Al-Salem street, Building B4 (AlSeef), Floor 1, office 3.

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