Terms & Conditions


  1. Introduction

The following are the terms and conditions relating to your access to our site and the use of its services and tools. By clicking accept, you agree with the terms and conditions and declare your compliance when using our services.

  1. Description of Services

enabill is an online payment platform that offers vendors and customers an online means for processing online payments. The payment methods of enabill are made through the QR code technology and URL invoices.

Our aim is to offer a financial convenience for consumers by removing the hassle of carrying cash or cards and allow you to process a purchase transaction with the click of a button on your smart device.  

  1. Eligibility

enabill.com is a payment solution and an online storefront. Therefore, all users must be at least 18 years old, which is the legal of purchase for the State of Kuwait. By agreeing to the services provided by us, you acknowledge that you are 18 years old or older. 

  1. Registration

All users must be responsible to provide accurate contact information that includes an email and a mobile number.

All users of enabill.com have a unique “username” that is determined by each user and accessible only through their unique passwords. Both of the “username” and “password” are personal information to you and to be kept confidential by yourself. A user cannot change their username once registered.

As a user of enabill.com, you warrant us that all of the personal information that you provided is true, accurate, and are up to date. You agree that you will not impersonate other people or organizations or use a false name. You are not permitted to create multiple accounts to be used by a single person. You agree to maintain an up to date personal information through your profile page or by contacting our customer support.

As a user of enabill.com, you agree to not use our services in any unlawful or unauthorized purposes including but not limited to:

Disrupting or interfering with the operation of the site and its services such as attempting unauthorized access to the service network and/or service through illegal means.

  1. User Obligations

As a user, you accept that all of the registration information that you provided is correct and that you are solely responsible for any losses that may occur due to the inaccuracy of your information.

you become responsible for restricting and maintaining the confidentiality of your account and password.

You are responsible for any activities made under your account and agree to contact and notify us immediately in the case of unauthorized access to your account.

enabill.com is not liable for any loss of profit that is a result of your disclosure of your private information including your username and/or password. You may not use the services of enabill.com through a user account that is not your own without the permission of the account holder.

  1. Communication

As a user of our services, you agree that we may communicate with you through your provided means when needed or through the service online platform. As a user, you agree that any disclosures and notices that are sent to you by us through digital means are legally satisfactory. 

  1. Payment

As a user, you are able to pay for goods and services using our offered payment methods through our services. You are able to process your payments through debit, credit, the enabill wallet, or cash on delivery when applicable.

If you decide to pay by the provided online means, then the purchase amount will be deducted immediately upon confirmation of the order. The confirmation of the order states an agreement between you and the provider of goods or services of which the provider is responsible for the processing of the order.

All online payments are processed through enabill.com as an agent for the provider of goods and services whereas cash payments are made directly to the provider.

  1. Fees and services

The use of enabill.com tools and services are completely free for all consumers. The enabill.com platform is a means of which a payment for the sale of goods and services is made online and all users are free to use and browse the platform. Users should be informed that these tools and services do not include third party delivery services, where an additional charge is added to your order. You are liable to pay additional charges to the goods and services who might charge extra for a ‘special request’ that is placed by you.

  1. Cancellation, return, and refund

As a customer, you are able to request a cancellation of an order that you made. In such a case, you are able to cancel an order within 5 minutes of making the order from our service.

A cancellation may also be made by the store before or after the store’s confirmation of receiving your order. enabill.com and their partnering stores are obliged to provide you with immediate notification of any order cancellation that may occur while using our services. enabill.com holds its right to cancel any order that may be based on inaccurate information or description.

In regard to product returns, the return policy that is belonging to the stores is applied.

We will always aim to provide you with the best customer experience when using our services. You may request a refund if you identify a problem within an order that you have made and paid for. In such cases, please contact our customer services department available through our live chat and we will process your request. Depending on your case, we may issue a full or partial refund from the provider of goods and/or services within 30 days of the complaint directly to your enabill wallet. In any case, rest assured that our aim is to guarantee your satisfaction when using our services.

  1. Use of Service

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that the information that you have provided is true and are up to date. 

When using our service, you agree on the following:

  1. You will not use the website of enabill.com in any way that harms or disrupts the service.
  2. You will not perform any illegal, fraudulent, or criminal activity that would cause damage to our service or to any third party.
  3. We have the right to suspend or terminate your user access to our services if a reasonable ground for suspicious behavior or illegal activity was determined. enabill will maintain the right to peruse further action against you if deemed as appropriate.
  4. Limitation of Liabilities

enabill.com provides its website and services on “as is” and “as available” basis and without any representation or guarantee, express or implied, in relation to the site and/or its content. enabill.com does warrant the accuracy, reliability, and security of any content or that it is free of error or delays or that defects will be corrected.

You agree that enabill.com and its directors, officers, and contractors shall not have any liability for any losses or damages of your business or profit that may have arisen from your use or inability to use our site.

  1. Indemnity

You agree to indemnify and hold enabill.com and its affiliates, directors, officers, and any other employees are harmless from any and all claims, demands, actions, expenses (including legal fees), and liabilities that are incurred or suffered arising to your breach of this agreement, or of the laws and rights of a third party. 

  1. Governing Law

These Website User agreements are governed and constructed according to the law. Any disputes arising from these user agreements and/or non-contractual disputes are the subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Kuwait.

  1. Copyrights

All of the content that is provided in the site is the property and work of enabill W.L.L including but not limited to all service features, logos, and graphical content. “enabill” is a registered trademark of enabill W.L.L. Unless used under our approval and consent, you are not permitted to use the trademark. As for any other trademark from our respective vendors and service providers, they are the respective owners of their trademark. 



Privacy Policy

We at enabill.com respect your privacy and will always ensure to comply with the set laws and regulations with respect to its data collection and use. By signing up with our service, you agree to the terms and conditions, which will be displayed fully the completion of the registration process. We are fully committed to safeguarding our users’ privacy as per its privacy policy, which details the collected information.

What we collect

  1. Your account registration information including your username, email, and other contact information.
  2. Your transaction information including the amount, type of goods, and the used method of payment.
  3. User login information, which is used for account verification.
  4. Location information such as your address is needed for all delivery orders.

How is the information used?

  1. Money transfer: While we do not offer transfer from user accounts, your information will be used in verifying purchases from vendors before transfer.
  2. Settlement of disputes: In the case of a dispute your information will be required for the settlement procedure.
  3. Troubleshooting and IT support.
  4. Inform you of our service and policy updates amongst other changes to our service users.
  5. Other information is collected that is related to website traffic and data analysis that is not directly personal to the users.

Disclosure of Your information

  1. We will only share your private information in relation to the processing and completion of the enabill service. This will include sharing your personal information with a vendor, a third-party company, and the enabill.com personnel.
  2. Other third-party organizations that offer specialized services or operate as a part of the services provided by enabill.com.

Payment information

When using enabill.com services, your options to pay are through debit, credit, or cash on delivery. At any given point, we will not collect your debit/credit card information. If you have decided to use our services to process a purchase online, you will be securely redirected through our website to the appropriate debit/credit card company to process the payment. As for cash orders, no such information will be required either as you will be processing the payment directly with the vendor

 or service provider. As for the in-app wallet payment option, the only information that will be used in the transfer of your payment are your user registration details.

The use of cookies

enabill will always aim to provide a better service experience to its users. As such, we will always be looking for new technologies and methods to improve our service. At enabill.com we may use these technologies including cookies for various purposes such as buyer behavior analysis. By accepting the terms of use of enabill.com and our privacy policy, you give your consent to us to use any new technology and including the use of cookies.


In order to protect your account information against any unauthorized access that may result in the disclosure, use, or deletion of your personal information, appropriate security means and measures will be utilized.

enabill.com is not responsible for any unlawful access to your personal information that is made by third parties. We are responsible if such access was facilitated by us due to gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Protecting your privacy and personal information is our top priority. To ensure such an aim is met, we will be taking various security measures, which is as follows:

All of your personal information is stored securely in our dedicated servers that are firewall and password protected. Any transaction and financial activities that you make will be automatically encrypted using the secure SSL technology.

To secure your private information from your end, ensure to protect your account from unauthorized access through your smartphone or computer. Keep your login information protected and make sure to logout when using our services through non-personal devices.


To ensure the safeguarding of our users from fraud or any other criminal activity, we may share the personal information that you provided and your activity records (for identity verification purposes) with our partnering third parties, financial organizations, and government authorities relating the detection and prevention of fraud.

Review Requests

Upon the completion of a payment for a product or a service, we may contact you through your email requesting a review of your overall experience using enabill.com.

If you had kindly decided to inform us of your experience, we may use and display your review in enabill.com.

You should note that once completed, you will not be able to remove or edit your review. If needed, you can contact our customer service department for such requests.

Contact Us

If you have any queries in regard to the user terms and conditions or your privacy policy, contact us through email at Support@enabill.com.

Our Address:  Jibla, Block 1 , Ali Al-Salem street, Building B4 (AlSeef), Floor 1, office 3.

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